About Farm

about farm

Viswamatha farms was born from a passion to share natural farming with the world.
we believe in the power of nature and the positive change it can have on our land and peoples lives.we are passionate about real natural food that tastes great,is of highest quality,is full of nutrients and is good for your health and environment.

All our products are produced by natural farming techniques of Shri.Subhash Palekar ji with out using any chemicals. Natural farming means:Farming with nature and without chemicals. In natural farming there is no green house gas emission.

Our Natural Farm:
Viswamatha farms owns and cultivates pulses,millets,rice,spices,groundnut,gingle,vegetables and fruits.The farm is situated in Andhra Pradesh,south India.
Our farm is a healthy mix of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and animal husbandary.Apart from our own farms, viswamatha farms has created natural farming farmers group to cater to our growing requirement of quality products.

Viswamatha farms owns Ongole breed cows and country chicken for farm yard manure.Our Cows & country chicken are stress free and free to roam and graze in the fields. Natural farming Practices:

We enrich the soil nutrients by using jeevamruth which is a fermented microbial culture.It providesnutrients but most importantly acts as catalyic agent that promotes the activities of micro-organism in the soil as well as increases earth worms activity.During 48 hours of fermentation process the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria present in the cow dung and cow urine multiply as they eat up organic ingradient (pulse flour mixed in the jeevamruth) in the jeevamruth.A handful of undisturbed soil from the fiel bunds also added to jeevamruth as inoculate of native spices of microbes and organism.

Jeevamruth also helps to prevent fungal and bacterial plant diseases.
Insects and pests are managed by using specially prepared mixtures called as neemastram,agniastram,brahastram,dasaparni kashayam.These mixtures are involved cow dung,cow urine,neem leaves,neem pulp,green chillies and other herbs as required to manage the pests and diseases.